Sunday, February 23, 2014

STI hitting its downtrend resistance soon

Just a quick post here. Hope most of you have escape the last downtrend & even better enjoyed the recent recovery of STI...

Next week I will be posting my trade records for 1st 2 months of 2014, moving forward I intend to post a bi-monthly trade record review... Some may be surprised that I have traded more often this year, & perhaps even shocked that I have gotten back into warrants despite my failed attempts previously...

More will be revealed...

Now, a quick caution for upcoming STI's movement.

As usual, should STI break above its downtrend resistance (around 3120-3140), STI would then have entered into a new uptrend. How long, we shall see... My gut feeling is that it will touch & exceed previous peak 3190 (I reserve my rights to change, should indicators show otherwise, in coming days).

However, if STI failed to break above, look out for sideways fluctuation or more likely a reversal & thus another downturn ride.

~ All the best & may the trend be with you ;)

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