Thursday, July 10, 2014

2014 May-June Review ~ Macro, STI Beware! Signs of another potential downturn

2014 May-June Review
I seem to have good runs with Mapletree GCC in the past 2 months, but things did not turn out the way I thought. For example my last trade, right after I entered, the counter became range bound for almost 1 month before it continued its uptrend.

I have no positions left, and is monitoring for any signs of bearish pull back or downtrend.

Macro wise, Fed indicated QE3 should end on Oct 14, thus economists estimate official Fed interest rate will rise in mid 2015 instead of initial end 2015. I expect this to have a sooner than expected impact on stock markets and real estate markets soon. And seriously I am hoping for it to come, afterall real money are made when you enter during market lows, and market highs simply help you to realize the profit; in between traders hope to profit from the "waves".

STI Beware! Signs of another potential downturn
Its been some times since the 3EMAs I use merge together, this tends to mark a potential change of trend. The last peak is also lower than the previous peaks during June 14, stochastics signal a pull back, thus I will steer clear from the market for now. 

May the trend be with you...

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