Saturday, August 6, 2016

Pokemon Go finally launched in Singapore!

In this post today, I am going to share on 2 things:
1) Pokemon Go, the game & company behind it
2) Pokemon Go, starter tip - how to get your favourite Pikachu as your starter pokemon
3) Pokemon Go, the lazy ethically legal way of playing it without the 5km+ travel

1) Pokemon Go, the game & company behind it
In case you are not aware, Pokemon Go ( is one of the first Augmented Reality mobile games where the imaginary creatures called "pokemon" which derives from Pocket Monster could be "seen" from your phone's camera. And you could throw a device "pokeball" to try and capture these pokemons.

Watch the videos below, to find out more about why this game is hot!!! And you will appreciate why the craze all over the world!

Google even did a "recruitment"video for their search for talents!

Nintendo the company that co-own Niantic, the company which created Pokemon Go; its stock price went rollar coaster along the news of this Pokemon Go!

Look at how its price rose from JPY 14,380 on 6 July 16 all the way to its peak at JPY 31,770 on 19 July 16, a 220% rise in less than 2 weeks! It came half way down after company announced the super success of Pokemon Go will have no impacts on its earning for the current financial year; this led to a disappointment as investors were hopeful that Nintendo could made a comeback to its heyday of Super Marios & its other games to compete with the new generation of gaming companies.

What does this have to do with investing? If you haven't notice, as Warren Buffett often says, great companies are all around us. If you enjoy playing games, a new game is launched & you notice a fast spreading wildfire of interests catching on among your friends & colleagues, this could be one way of detecting potential great companies in the making. Pokemon Go was initially launched on 6 July, 2016 but prior to that, Niantic has already developed another game called Ingress ( whose maps & database forms the backbone of the current Pokemon Go.

The reporter that caught & first announced the news, noticed how the number of downloads were breaking all time records, and how its daily active users fast exceeding other famous apps. like Twitter, & fast approaching other social medias like Facebook, wechat etc.

Imagine you were that reporter that spotted the trend, took a stake before it becomes common news, you can imagine how much your investments would have doubled in 2 weeks!

So the next time you are playing games, say you are researching the next explosive stocks for investment ;)

2) Pokemon Go, starter tip - how to get your favourite Pikachu as your starter pokemon
As promised, I shall now reveal the tip on how to get the Pikachu pokemon as your starter pokemon. First off, all starters will get to choose from 3 of the pokemons (Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur) below, but if you want the main character Pikachu in the movie & animation series; here is how to do:

On the map, do not touch the 3 default pokemons, keep walking away from them. When you walk some distance away, the 3 default pokemons will slowly fade away from the screen, when that happen, it will "respawn" and reappear near you again.

Keep walking away, until they respawn 4 times, from the 4th time onwards, you will notice a 4th pokemon appearing nearby, that will be the popular Pikachu [see screenshot below]

3) Pokemon Go, the lazy ethically legal way of playing it without the 5km+ travel
Now for the lazy way of playing, without the 5km+ walk... nope I am not talking about fake GPS, that is not ethical & you will risk getting banned. For those whom wish to try, go ahead but Niantic has improved their programming and will detect whether you are enabling "mock location" which is a feature that mus be enabled along with fake GPS. So, its not going to work, of course "crackers" those programmers who crack the programming could try & by pass it, but then what's the fun if you just lie down and play? It defeat, the objective of going out & meet new people.

Well, I did promise without the 5km+ walk, but it require some luck, so here is the way.
Most of us lived in HDB, Condo, this is where the GPS signal bouncing happens due to the high rise buildings which caused your character to move around. Eg. when you move to your balcony and stand by the window awhile, you will notice the GPS slow catch on & your character start moving some distance to one side before it then readjust back once your location is slowly "zoom in" and reflect your true location. You could repeat this, by going to the front, back or side of your houses, and see if this will help you momentarily move closer to some nearby pokestops, this way you could pick up some goodies & even fight some pokemons without leaving your comfort home.

So there you have it, one last tips to help you along your pokemon journey.
There are already sevaral pokemon groups on Facebooks;
Pokemon Go SG
Pokemon Go North East Singapore

Look around, join various groups to make friends, and for those fans there's even merchandise been peddled at the various groups, for the entrepreneurial ones, who knows you might have a one-time opportunity to monetise this trend if you could identify the needs of comsumers & sell them some real life "pokeballs, pokemons soft toys etc".

Enjoy the coming National Day 8 Aug 16 holiday, have fun! & remember to watch where you are going when you play Pokemon Go ( * v * )")

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