Monday, November 3, 2014

2014 September-October Review

2014 September-October Review

I've escaped the stock markets rout between mid-September to mid-October and entered 2 trades slightly late in the last 2 weeks. One was Global Yellow Pages which I closed today when the counter shot up 10% for no reasons (SGX queried, company replied not aware of any developments, thus really no reasons!). The other is Centurion which I am still holding, both entered partly due to technicals & mostly due to the insiders trade.

Centurion recent announcements [details please check SGX]
 Global Yellow Pages recent announcements [details please check SGX]

For Global Yellow Pages, a long white candle (today's 3/11/14 price movement) tends to be more bullish, as buying momentum may increase; still I am a "messed up" investor with trader person. My fundamentals angel is screaming at me to take profit, especially the price now exceeding the "conservative" NAV which I derives by removing intangible assets of $51 million out of $168 million of total assets, which is about 1/3, bearing in mind the company is still losing money in past quarter. Thus its 7.71cent as of 3 Sept 14, Q1FY2015 report is really worth 5.1 cent (2/3 x 7.71cent).

While its still higher than 4.8cent the closing price today, I am not a greedy person; I rather run now then to wait for it to fall. Unless there is a takeover, which may sparks more interests; but fundamentally I think its time to take profit. I might have left some money on the table, but well... "treats or tricks!"

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